Are you a customer in Washington, DC who's interested in acquiring all the style, safety and luxury of a new Volvo? If you're also interested in reducing your monthly car payments, you can lease a new model like the Volvo XC90 or Volvo S60 at Fairfax Volvo of Fairfax, VA. We make a new Volvo lease easy to get and we also make it more affordable with our attractive Volvo leasing specials.

Current Lease Offers

Lower payments: The key advantage of leasing a new Volvo

While we recognize that most of our customers in Washington DC and Fairfax VA prefer to finance a new Volvo with a car loan, we know that a lease can be appealing for some people. The biggest attraction of a lease is the ability to reduce your monthly car payments. In general, monthly lease payments are virtually always lower than monthly car loan payments. If creating more cash flow each month is a priority, leasing a car is an option.

How our lease specials can help our Washington, DC customers

We frequently offer a variety of leasing specials. Of course, specific offers can change or be adjusted at any time but it's not uncommon to find lease specials that can reduce your leasing costs by a total amount in the neighborhood of $1,500 to $2,000 or even more. A new Volvo lease special on a luxury SUV like a Volvo XC60 might include incentives like a Volvo Loyalty offer plus a Lease Bonus. Keep checking this page for the latest deals.

Simplicity: Another advantage of a Volvo lease

Leasing a new Volvo can simplify your personal transportation management. When you lease a luxury car like a new Volvo, you won't have to sell the car at the end of your lease because you won't own it. It's owned by a leasing company like Volvo Financial Services. So you simply return your leased Volvo to us at Fairfax Volvo, pay for any lease-end charges and you're done with the lease. You can then exercise any of several options, including the lease of another new Volvo.

Here's what happens when your lease contract ends

At the end of your lease term, a period which is typically 36 months, we will inspect your leased Volvo and you will then pay for any excess damage or wear-and-tear as specified in your lease contract. You also pay for any excess miles you drove the vehicle around Chantilly or Springfield VA beyond the maximum mileage that your leasing contract allows. At that point, we take the vehicle back and you can choose to buy or lease another vehicle.

Some differences between a Volvo lease and a loan

When you acquire a new Volvo XC40 with a loan, you're actually buying the vehicle and you have the chance to own it some day. As you make your monthly loan payments, you're creating cash value in the car. That cash value, or equity, is real money you can use to help buy your next car. With a lease, you'll never own the car and you aren't creating any cash value. A lease is like renting a car so it may not be as beneficial long-term as a loan.

Keep an eye on our leasing specials

Talk to the specialists in our Volvo finance center about the pros and cons of leasing a new Volvo vs. buying one with a loan. For our valued customers in Washington, DC and Woodbridge VA who choose to lease, our new Volvo leasing specials can help. Find out more about all your financing options at Fairfax Volvo in Fairfax, VA.