Volvo S60 Sedan Competitive Comparison

What Does the Volvo S60 Have Over its Competition?

The S60 is a fantastic luxury car for Washington, D.C. drivers, but it can't be better than the Audi A4, the BMW 330 and the Mercedes C300, can it? Volvo has dedicated itself to creating Scandinavian luxury in a variety of body styles and sizes, and the Volvo S60 is one of their luxury sedan options. It knows what's important for Woodbridge, VA drivers and gets it right. Fairfax Volvo Cars is here to show you just a few of the ways that the S60 comes out on top.

The Volvo S60 Versus the Audi A4

  • While both the S60 and the A4 have LED headlights as standard, providing high-quality light from the low-beams alone, only the S60 have Active Bending headlights. This feature comes standard on the S60 and allows it to turn the headlights as the car winds around the back roads of Chantilly, VA. You can see the way forward with excellent clarity rather than just straight ahead of you like on the A4.
  • When you're getting ready for work in the morning, you might go out to start your car ahead of time to let it warm up. The Volvo S60 allows you to do so without getting in the car by using the Volvo On Call app. You can warm up or cool down your S60 from comfort, but if you have an Audi A4, you'll have to turn it on manually, giving you one more thing you have to remember to do in the morning.

The Volvo S60 Versus the BMW 330

  • In addition to active bending headlights, the S60 also has cornering LEDs for even better visibility around corners. The BMW 330 also has active bending headlights, but these can only go so far. The cornering LEDs on the Volvo S60 are designed to cut through fog, rain and other inclement weather, allowing you to make it home safely in a Fairfax, VA storm.
  • Both the 330 and the Volvo S60 come with excellent moonroofs, providing natural light and extra airflow through the cabin, and both have power sunshades. If you want the best you can get, though, you'll want to go with the S60's roof. It's a panorama roof, providing much more light, and when it's open, a wind deflector raises to prevent the incoming air from buffeting you or your passengers. It provides that fresh air without giving you a bad hair day.

The Volvo S60 Versus the Mercedes C300

  • Luxury cars need to not only be comfortable and pleasurable to drive, but also safe. The Mercedes C300 has a blind spot information system, alerting you if a car is in your blind spot when you try to merge, but the Volvo S60 will also guide you back into your lane standard. Active lane keeping and rear cross-traffic alert are standard on the S60 as well, but only available on the C300, meaning you'll have to pay more for these safety features on a car that's already more expensive.
  • When you're driving at night, there's always that driver behind you blinding you with their high beams. The driver's side mirror on the Mercedes C300 with automatically dim if it detects a blinding light, but if that light is coming from the passenger's side mirror, you're out of luck. That's why Volvo includes the auto-dimming feature on both side mirrors, allowing you to safely check both mirrors before merging.

Find Your Next Luxury Car in Fairfax, VA

The Volvo S60 doesn't waste its space or its value. It's thanks to that that we're proud to serve the Washington, D.C. area by offering the S60 and other terrific Volvo vehicles. Schedule a test drive with the S60 or come visit us in person to browse our full inventory or speak with our professional staff in person. You can also browse our offering from Springfield, VA thanks to our online inventory. We look forward to helping you find a perfect luxury car!

2021 Volvo S60 FWD

2021 Audi A4 AWD

2021 BMW 330 RWD

2021 Mercedes C300 RWD

Starting MSRP$38,950$39,100$41,250$41,600
Active Safety*StandardOptionalOptionalOptional
LED Headlights w/ Active BendingStandardNot AvailableStandardOptional
Cornering LED lightsStandardOptionalNot AvailableOptional
Panoramic MoonroofStandardNot AvailableNot AvailableStandard
Remote Engine StartStandardNot AvailableOptionalStandard
Keyless EntryStandardOptionalOptionalOptional
Road Sign InformationStandardOptionalOptionalOptional
Auto-Dimming Exterior MirrorsStandardOptionalStandardDriver Side Only
Spare TireStandardStandardOptionalNot Available
Warranty Maintenance36 mo./36K036 mo./36K0
Width80.3 / 75.479.6 / 72.781.4 / 71.979.5 / N/A
37.4 / 37.237.3 / 37.438.7 / 37.6 37.1 / 37.1
42.3 / 35.241.3 / 35.742.0 / 35.241.7 / 35.2
Shoulder Room
56.1 / 54.555.9 / 54.556.0 / 54.655.3 / 55.0
Curb Weight3,7243,4173,5603,472
MPG (City/Hwy/Combined)23 / 34 / 2724 / 31 / 2726 / 36 / 30N/A
Source: Data is from Autoplanner (October 2020) for all car models shown.
*Lane Departure Warning, BLIS, Rear Collision Mitigation

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